Personal Development


regret tales from the lifeboat

When you finally pause long enough to take stock When the juggernaut of chaos rolls to a gentle stop The first feelings of relief washed away by grief For your lost and wasted time. Though the tears of regret might fill a lake, You will empty, though never entirely There will be time left for you to enjoy And nothing …

If thought is your jailer, let action be your liberator

Thought is a gaoler blog post

Just get started. Action trumps thought every time. Doing beats thinking. You can’t think your way out of a paper bag, you have to grab it with both hands and rip it apart. Just. Get. It. Done. I can guarantee for every problem you have; action is the solution. Sometimes, on rare occasions the appropriate action is to do nothing. …

Instead of setting goals, embody an identity

car conversations

The car on the way to school is a great place to impart wisdom to the young. That’s how my 11-year-old became this morning’s victim of my current enthusiasm for all things habit-formation. Obviously, this is just what a kid wants to be listening to in his last ten minutes before the daily state-sponsored (in Ireland also church-sponsored) oppressive indoctrination …